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Cutting Corners Ai Weiwei Studio, Caochangdi 13 Jul 2013, Beijing

Weak Soundsystem Beijing Design Week 2012 03 Oct 2012, Beijing


Jailing Bassel Activists in Syria 10 Oct 2016


Beat Streuli Opening 10 Nov 2018, Taipei

Naut Humon Gray Area 26 Jul 2018, San Francisco

Christopher Adams Creative Commons Global Summit 16 Apr 2018, Toronto

Lawrence Lessig Reviving Democracy 15 Apr 2018, Toronto

Joi Ito Director of the MIT Media Lab 24 Jan 2016, Tokyo

Fred Benenson At Kickstarter HQ 12 Jan 2016, New York

Philipp Schmidt MIT Media Lab 11 Jan 2016, Cambridge, MA

Saravuth Inn Odysseus' Gambit 20 Dec 2015, New York

Matt Hope Sun Dragon Hardware 11 Jul 2015, Los Angeles

Christopher Doyle The Cinematographer 10 Apr 2013, Beijing

Shao Yanpeng AKA Dead J 30 Sep 2012, Beijing

Christopher Adams Ars Electronica 04 Sep 2008, Linz


The Resistance War of Computer Science Object Lessons of History 29 Dec 2016, Hanoi

Match All the Verbs Phoenix is not your App. Is it even MVC? 26 Dec 2016, Hanoi

Go to the Source Linking each webpage to its code 02 Dec 2016, Taipei

New Router features in Plug 1.3 Calling All Plugs 28 Nov 2016, Taipei

What happens when you blog as a coder? The spark of static site generators 25 Nov 2016, Taipei

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