Baudrillard is said to have photographed things he did not want to comment on.
A New Letter
A New Letter My life in plain text
POSSE stands for Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere. I publish a “notes” feed on my website. “Elsewhere” is wherever you’re reading this.
Any Warhol Bags
Any Warhol Bags Portraits in Plastic
It's All Lighter
It's All Lighter Bending identities in style
AI Fall/Winter
AI Fall/Winter A finely-tuned series starring Item Idem
Any Warhol, Animal, Vegetable, Mineral
Any Warhol, Animal, Vegetable, Mineral Querying hierarchies in AI tools
To update an old adage: One photo out of focus is a mistake, ten are an experiment, and a hundred are a style; but a million are a dataset.
4:4 Zhan Energy Club
4:4 Zhan Energy Club Betty Apple, Nuit Blanche, and an Underwater Rave
Centering Disaster
Centering Disaster Venice sinks, the seas rise, and an AI outpaints our future
Launch Stage
Launch Stage NFTs at Taipei Dangdai
FAMEME Durian Duty To Be Free