Any Warhol Bags
Any Warhol Bags Portraits in Plastic.
It's All Lighter
It's All Lighter Bending glamour.
AI Fall/Winter
AI Fall/Winter A finely-tuned series starring Item Idem.
Any Warhol, Animal, Vegetable, Mineral
Any Warhol, Animal, Vegetable, Mineral Querying hierarchies in AI tools.
4:4 Zhan Energy Club
4:4 Zhan Energy Club Betty Apple and Nuit Blanche Taipei.
Centering Disaster
Centering Disaster Venice is sinking while the seas are rising. An AI outpaints our future.
Vandy Rattana
Vandy Rattana Screening the Monograph Trilogy.
Item Idem
Item Idem New Year's Eve in Tianmu.
Luo Jr-shin
Luo Jr-shin Like a Urinal in a Nightclub.
All the Color in the World
All the Color in the World A project by Christopher Adams and Jun Yang at MoCA Taipei.
Item Idem
Item Idem Opening night of Taipei Biennial 2020 with a work by Daniel Steegmann Mangrané.
Taipei Popcorn
Taipei Popcorn After their performance at C-LAB.