All the Color in the World
All the Color in the World A project by Christopher Adams and Jun Yang at MoCA Taipei.
Item Idem
Item Idem Cyril Duval is a French conceptual artist, designer, and filmmaker who works under the name Item Idem.
Mia Liu
Mia Liu Mia Liu at her first major exhibition at Mind Set Art Center.
TJ Hughes
TJ Hughes TJ Hughes is a game designer and artist from St. Louis, here at his solo exhibition Dimsum Thensum in Hong Kong at Oui.Gallery.
Raúl Gasque
Raúl Gasque Mexican artist Raúl Gasque near Yangmingshan.
Heinz Frank
Heinz Frank Heinz Frank at the opening of his exhibition The Angle of the End Always Comes from Behind at Kunsthalle Wien.
Christopher Adams
Christopher Adams Photo by Chen You-Wei.
Beat Streuli
Beat Streuli Beat Streuli is a Swiss visual artist. He was in Taipei to collaborate with Michael Lin on a project titled Opening, at the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab.
Blockchain and Distributed Systems
Blockchain and Distributed Systems Gray Area Festival 2018 was the largest collection of Blockchain based artworks ever assembled on the West Coast.