Cyril Duval
Cyril Duval is a French conceptual artist, designer, and filmmaker who works under the name Item Idem.
Mia Liu
Mia Liu at her first major exhibition at Mind Set Art Center.
TJ Hughes
TJ Hughes is a game designer and artist from St. Louis, here at his solo exhibition in Hong Kong at Oui.Gallery.
Raúl Gasque
Mexican artist Raúl Gasque near Yangmingshan.
Christopher Adams
Photo by Chen You-Wei
Beat Streuli
Beat Streuli is a Swiss visual artist.
Naut Humon
Naut Humon is the Founder and Artistic Director of Recombinant Media Labs.
Lawrence Lessig
Lawrence Lessig is the founder of Creative Commons and a professor at Harvard Law School.
The Resistance War of Computer Science
Hoàn Kiếm Lake (c. 1900), Wikipedia. If the hardest thing in Computer Science is naming things, then a corollary rule is that misnaming things must be the easiest. One of the more evocative similes in...