Jailing Bassel

every so called activist in #Syria who was jailed for a month or two is now trying to make a hero of him self. I'm sick of that #Syria

Bassel sent this tweet just weeks before his own arrest. It would read like dramatic irony if not for the real tragedy that Syria has suffered.

Of course, Bassel’s arrest did not last months, but rather years. He was detained on March 15, 2012. Then one year ago he was taken from Adra Prison in Damascus and disappeared for good.

Bassel did not want to be a hero. But for us he became one.

the people who are in real danger never leave their countries. they are in danger for a reason and for that they don't leave #Syria

Bassel is remembered at basselkhartabil.org.

Christopher Adams is an artist and computer programmer based in Taipei.

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