Blockchain and Distributed Systems

Blockchain and Distributed

Gray Area Festival 2018 ran July 26–29 in San Francisco. The exhibition was the largest collection of Blockchain based artworks ever assembled on the West Coast.

Curated by Barry Threw, Blockchain and Distributed Systems featured work by #NEWPALMYRA, Alexander Reben, Christoph Wachter & Mathias Jud, Cullen Miller, DISNOVATION.ORG, Gabriel Dunne, Grayson Earle, Harm van den Dorpel, Primavera De Filippi, Rhea Myers, RIAT, Sarah Friend, Simon Denny, and terra0.

I gave a talk on the basics of cryptoart at the transaction and contract level, and introduced the Tetrapylon project by #NEWPALMYRA.


Christopher Adams is an artist and computer programmer based in Taipei.

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