All the Color in the World

Jun Yang’s The Artist, his Collaborators, their Exhibition, and three Venues opened at TKG+, the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, and MoCA Taipei between December 2020 and March 2021.

This series of exhibitions exploring fundamental questions of artistic endeavor began at Art Sonje in 2018, and was enlarged at Kunsthaus Graz in 2019 in collaboration with Barbara Steiner. It brought together work by Bruce Yonemoto, Erwin Bauer, Koki Tanaka, Lee Kit, Maja Vukoje, Michikazu Matsune, Mike Kelley, Oliver Klimpel, Paul McCarthy, siren eun youn jung, Yuki Okumura, and Yuuki Nishimura, and Jun Yang.

The three Taipei venues were a commercial gallery, a national arts university, and a contemporary art museum. These institutions presented the work in various ways: as a solo show, a group exhibition, a biennial, a retrospective, an open forum.

All the Color in the World

Jun and I created a project at MoCA Taipei titled All the Color in the World: a set of posters displayed in the museum shop, a collection listed on OpenSea, and a public talk. We traced a path through art history from one-offs, prints, copies, ready-mades, and now non-fungible tokens. The poster series advertised the economics of an Ethereum smart contract with one unique token per CMYK color. The actual NFT collection minted the designs as abstract art on an open marketplace.

We’d only do this for All the Color in the World.

Photos courtesy MoCA Taipei.


Christopher Adams is an artist and computer programmer based in Taipei.

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